Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013

Danger On The Public Transportation

Living in Jakarta lately is really, really tricky. You completely have to rely on yourself as you can face danger anytime anywhere while using public transportation. And the danger keep on escalating day after day... I doubt people will voluntarily leave their own car and use public transportation. Especially when danger always lurking when we use public transportation. I'm not saying that you will be able to avoid danger when you are driving your own car. Mostly act of crime happened on public transportation.

Last Friday morning on 04 October 2013 a student throw acid to passenger on PPD bus number 213. Dozens were wounded and rush to the nearest hospital. One of them got both eyes injured and the other one got injured on one eye. Others suffered burning wounds after being thrown by that unresponsible student. According to the suspect he was also got the same wound after being thrown an acid by another student. Yes, it is another student brawls, student fight. Whatever. You can read the news in Jakarta Globe.

So now, passengers in Jakarta must face the following:
1. Robber on the bus
2. Mugger on the bus
3. Pickpocket
4. Street singers threatens to rob passengers if they were not given any money
5. Drink and food offered by strangers to make their victims fall asleep
6. Student brawls (yes, they don't hesitate to do that on the bus)
7. Rape (by other passengers or even bus crew)

Seriously, I do hope police or anyone will at least help to ensure safety for us who has no choice but to use public transportation. What should we do to avoid being victimized by bad people? I'm seriously don't want to know what kind of bad things that could happen to us on the bus.

I hope all the victims will soon recover and to all the suspects, may you all being punished according to the law.

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