Kamis, 25 September 2014

Prohibition on Commuter Line

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Once a while I used train aka commuter line during the weekend. To tell you the truth, getting on the train is another transportation torture. As both of them takes forever before finally arrived at the station or bus stop. Though of course, train takes shorter time compare with busway.

There are things we should pay attention during our trip on the train. Even if other people choose not to follow the rules doesn't mean we just follow the mainstream. And here are the rules from the picture above:

1. Don't sit on the floor and don'r bring anything that can be used to sit other than the seats that has been provided. Don't get a seat during rush hour? Then you must stand, please...
Naturally you will see that people prefer not to follow this rule. Either they are really exhausted or simply don't care.

2. No Littering
Says who? There are office boys or girls to sweep the floor They are being paid to do that...

3. No Peddler allowed
What? But I need to buy stuffs! Not to worry. Sometimes, you will find several passengers turn into snack seller or other things that you probably don't need but end up buying it anyway.

4. No Busking
I hardly see this one broken by the passengers. Can you even sing a tune in the middle of crowded passengers?

No Idea what is Durian? You can check it here. Durian is a fruit that has strong odour. I feel myself want to strangle a person who let out smelly fart after eating this fruit. Yuck!

And for the next picture, we will start from the picture with spoon, fork and cup :

1. No Eating
After eating eventually come the littering thingy. But of course, passengers always has answer for this one rule. Start from they are hungry up to they have stomach problem so they must eat frequently.

2. No Smoking
Nobody break this rule so far.

3. No Pet
Related to littering, I suppose.

4. No Flammable Goods
You are going on a trip to somewhere not to have a fireworks on board. n... Kita mau menuju ke tempat tujuan dengan selamat dan bukan untuk main kembang api.

5. Don't Cross Out The Wall
So far nobody try to break this rules.

Last but not least, never ever loose your prepaid card or single entry ticket. You need it to enter and departure the train station. Loose it, you will be fined IDR 50.000,-

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