Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Before Idul Fitri Holiday

I know I haven't been in this blog for ages and tell you the truth I was sort of out of ideas what to write. I mean, everyday I face the same thing over again and again. Crowded angry passengers, few buses only that it seems only the driver and God knows exactly about their schedule. I was afraid you might get bored with it because there is nothing new rather than my daily experiences. But anyway, let me try to write a summary what happened to me from January until recently, near Idul Fitri holiday.

As usual, beginning of the year is my favorite time. Most of citizen in Jakarta are still in holiday mood. Usually around a week or so after New Year celebration, traffic still bearable. Not so crowded people on the bus. People still smiling at each other, we all stil full of hope. And of course that hope was quickly vanish when most people back from holiday. And then again, after 2 weeks from New Year day Jakarta back to normal. People pushing one another just to get inside the bus or to get a seat. Yes, getting a seat is a big thing here if you take a fully crowded bus.

Then we have double-decker bus for sightseeing and the best part, is FREE! But, I haven't got the chance to try it myself. Darn :(

I also encourage many people who use busway to leave buying tickets manually and use e-ticket. Even if you are only here for a while in Jakarta. Just get those e-card and it will be easier for you to enjoy Jakarta. Especially now within days, it will be less and less crowded. There is no need to worry about traffic jam as many people will be on their way to other provinces. Idul Fitri is the biggest celebration here in Indonesia. Anyway, you may want to check this SITE for sightseeing in Jakarta.

Last but important, taking any public transportation here in Jakarta and Indonesia is all about survival. Can you survive three hours journey (that actually only need 30 minutes drive when there is no traffic jam) ? Are you strong enough to keep on standing in the middle of crowded bus? Can you hold your anger when another passengers behave beyond your wildest imagination (I know I wasn't able to....once or twice)? Will you be a darling and give your seat to others people that seems desperately need it?

Same thing goes when you traveling across Indonesia during Idul Fitri holiday. You have to face the long hours thanks to unbelievable traffic jam. You will have to be careful with nice and polite people offering you something to drink or eat because they could drugged you. But then again, you have to trust your instinct to realize that a person in front of you have no intention other than being kind.

Enjoy your stay in Jakarta and have a lovely time here.during this holiday....

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