Senin, 13 Januari 2014

Rain = Flood = NO BUSWAY

The year 2013 has passed and now we are in the middle of January 2014, back to our routines. Holiday is so over. And it means we are back to the usual head to head, body to body, cramped together on the bus or any other public transportation.

My hope is simple for this public transportation that there will be enough buses for all passengers. I totally hate it when we have to wait for a very long time. Then when the busway finally arrived, we won’t be able to aboard it because totally packed with so many people. Really can’t take it anymore. Who doesn’t? However, since there are little choices, naturally we have to be prepared for all the crap that could happened after we are on board.
First of all, the bus could just break down right in the middle of nowhere. The passengers have to wait for another bus so they can all be transferred there. Or, the worst thing that could happen is to get out from the bus and find another public transportation. This means there will be more fare for us to pay.

Second of all, it’s rainy season now. You can be sure there will be flood here and there in Jakarta. The next problem then there will be fewer buses to take the passengers. Due to the flood, there will be roads to be closed, busways can’t passed them. So we have to know alternative routes to keep on using the busway service otherwise take another public transportation.It happened to me this morning. I waited for almost one hour for the busway but didn't come. So I have to take another public transportation. 

Third of all, traffic jam is getting worse day by day. Especially when it rains you can be sure the traffic will takes more time and it will be a longer time to get home. Other cars will have no problem in taking busway lane to get to their destination earlier. And the traffic jam will take effect immediately on the busway lane. So, make sure you get a good seat and take a deep sleep because it will take forever before you finally arrived to the destination.

In short, prepare yourself and don’t expect kindness from other people. Though don’t hesitate to be kind to others along the way.

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